Ayda Koc was not a natural born yogi and healer. The former model and dancer became a hardcore fitness enthusiast while working in corporate marketing for luxury brands, taking class after class in addition to running every day. Like many others, she took yoga classes in the gym, but didn’t feel a particular connection with them.

After practicing yoga for six years in this way, Ayda experienced a personal and emotional breakdown, suffering from extreme asthma (that today she describes as “the tears of my soul”) which required a series of daily injections. The pain she was suffering saw Ayda seek treatment beyond the offices of a doctor and led her to start practicing yoga in a professional studio space, with a focus on breathing exercises.

“What hooked me was the way I felt afterwards,” she explains of her newfound interest in yoga. While she found the physical movements quite easy due to her high strength levels and dancer’s flexibility, it was the holistic aspect that grabbed her.

Realising she still needed to do some serious work on herself, Ayda sought the help of a psychologist before undertaking an inner child cleanse on her own, and this was when her personal yoga journey really began.

Connection to yoga was instant. With a huge focus on meditation and a lot of talking plus the physical yoga practice, she felt like she had come home. “It was the way he made everything so simple, practical, logical. The most complex matters of the heart and soul became easy and understandable.”

As it turned out, the Brahmin had seen something in Ayda that needed to be guided out of her, feeling that she had potential to help and heal many people through her openness and willingness to share her personal journey. Two years of intense yoga training in India followed, setting Ayda on a life changing course which included 15 months Yoga Alliance teacher certification in Germany.

She didn’t stop there, following her deep desire to complement her yoga teacher training with studies in psychology, wellbeing and therapy. She spent almost two years training with three shamans from Brazil before being called to bring the ground-breaking therapy of shamanism to the western world. She completed further qualifications in psychology and wellbeing and is today a revered therapist, shaman, naturopath and transformational coach. 

Her healing abilities are sought out by clients from across the globe. Ayda also teaches her own style of yoga around the world, a healing style based on the Tantric techniques she had studied in India and the Anusara yoga she encountered in Germany.

YOGAYDA is about connection, with yourself, with others and to the heart. It’s about connecting with your light and darkness. Drawing on her personal experiences with pain and her desire to help clients reach their full potential in life, Ayda‘s therapy, naturopathic abilities and shamanic healing style is inspirational and intuitive.