Addiction It’s not in your genes.

‘Purity and impurity belong to oneself. No one else can purify another ~ Gautama Buddha.

It’s your turn to purify yourself. Imagine a world without your addiction. Imagine breaking free. Yogayda will empower you to do this - so you can start living again.

Addiction is neither hereditary nor inevitable. Ayda’s powerful belief in your ability to conquer your addiction is the central focus of her rehabilitation and detox therapy programmes. Through a bespoke combination of mental, physical and psychological therapy in collaboration with medical and scientific detoxification elements, she will empower you with the tools to free yourself from your addiction forever.

Yogayda’s addiction rehabilitation programmes are fine-tuned to provide you with the physical, mental and medical help you so desperately need. This successful, drug-free package contains a multitude of elements including:

• Appointments with a neurologist

• High doses of minerals and hormones

• Medical detoxifications

• Customised and rejuvenating medical juices

• Osteopath sessions

• Talking therapy

• Shamanic sessions, healing sessions, confrontational therapy.

• Meditative silent and active exercises

Where did the lack of love and connection come from? Working with Ayda you will discover the answer, which is key to kicking your addiction permanently. Integrating family members, partners and friends into your rehabilitation is crucial for its success and Ayda actively encourages their participation in her rehabilitation programmes.