Couple Coaching with Yogayda provides a safe environment for partners to heal, grow and discover. Ayda is so much more than a counsellor or life coach – her approach to therapy is ground-breaking and she successfully helps countless couples to work through issues such as infidelity, loss of connection and problems with confidence. She gives couples the skills they need to be able to speak up, listen, reconnect and discover a better way to be together.

Couple coaching with Yogayda integrates a tailored mix of talking, listening and counselling alongside physical and mental reconnection exercises. By expanding each partner’s knowledge of the health and tantric systems of male and female energies, these sessions bring a deep understanding and empathy between you, leading to a more profound union on all levels.

This is no quick-fix – a willingness to work on yourselves and your relationship is the key, while Ayda skilfully provides the tools. She empowers you to resolve your problems together and discover the light on the other side.