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FRIDAY 29th September 2017


19:00 – 20:30

£35 Per Person

Taking you further than yoga alone, the tribal tantric dance is about aligning your energised through the medium of dance, feeling completely liberated and removing the limitations of your consciousness by literally ‘dancing them off’ introducing you to your own ‘teacher’ living within you in the process.
You will feel your own body again, feel your body in an entirely different way. You will feel deeper, more protected and more grounded to mother earth. It is designed for both men and women, and will involve both freedom of movement  and individual tasks given to you by Ayda along your path, helping you remove the masks that you wear during your daily lives and to let go of your control mechanisms.

This really is about letting go and completing the cycle, coming from imperfection into a beautiful, loving perfection.

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SUNDAY 1st October 2017

Anusara Heart Opening and Healing Yoga Workshop – BHUTI LONDON

19:00 – 20:30

£35 person

The Yogayda weekend will continue with a beautiful afternoon of yoga that combines the sensory elements of Anusara with Yogayda’s very own tantric flow mix.
Anusara will set your intention and soften your boundaries, opening you up to the vast power that surrounds you before tantra takes over and connects you like never before, creating a sense of surrender allowing first the heart and inner body to gently expand before the mind joins them in a beautiful alignment with the Supreme.

One of the most beautiful sessions of yoga you will probably ever have.

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SATURDAY 30th September and SUNDAY 1st October 2017

1:1 Sessions – BHUTI LONDON


There is a limited number of 1:1 Sessions on these days. Please get in touch for times and more information.

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