Naturopaths use natural, non-toxic elements and remedies to restore psychological and physiological balance. The result is a promotion of wellness and health.

As a qualified and gifted Naturopath, Ayda brings herbal medicine, homeopathy, bio medicine and other natural remedies to her clients, helping them conquer modern complaints such as stress, depression, allergy, burn out and many more. This natural method of healing is gentle, holistic and personalised - bringing about unity of mind, body and spirit.

Yogayda’s naturopathic sessions treat you as a whole person, not simply a specific symptom or disease. Knowing prevention is better than cure, Ayda helps you make improvements to your overall diet, lifestyle and mind-set. From her assessments, she will be able to predict which illnesses and problems you are more susceptible to and teach you how to prevent them.


Shamanic healing