Shamanism is an ancient spiritual practice, observed by many different tribes and cultures across the globe. For centuries people have consulted with shamans for guidance and solutions to their problems. After training with three Brazilian shamans for two years, Ayda learned their healing rituals and was herself initiated as a shaman. She is honoured to bring this ground-breaking therapy technique to the western world.

Ayda’s Shamanic Healing sessions can help with anything from illness and trauma to relationship problems. Her approach is always a fusion of healing, counselling, naturopathy and intuitive guidance, all carried out in a safe environment of care and respect.

A typical Yogayda Shamanic Healing session incorporates a sage energy cleanse, chanting, rattling and shamanic drumming (a hypnotic drumming used to awaken your energy and cleanse it). Each session is closed with hands-on healing. Clients seek out Ayda’s Shamanic Healing for a variety of purposes – you may ask her to extract a possession or other entity or perhaps you simply want to be transported into a relaxing, healing state of mind. Shamanic Healing is also useful after a trauma to heal the fragments of your soul.

With cleanses available for adults, children, homes and gardens, Shamanic Healing will help you attain a renewed feeling of body, mind and soul. The result is a deeper connection with the world around you and an overall feeling of peace.