While the results of a Yogayda practice speaks for itself, Ayda’s valued clients are also more than happy to share their love for her teachings, techniques and transformative talents. Read their glowing reviews here.

Kate Winslet - Testimonial - Yogayda - Private Yoga Sessions - VIP Yoga
So I arrived on Amilla Fushi ready for some action and energetic Yoga sessions. I struggle to get in touch with my Chakras or even listen to myself breathe for too long (I just start making list) And yet, after 5 consecutive days of 90-minute session, low and behold, it was happening. She was getting under my skin, Darn! I was indeed relaxing; the to-do listing in my head vanished.
DJ SOLOMON image- Testimonial - Yogayda - Private Yoga Sessions - VIP Yoga
Ayda is a one-of-a-kind person. She is so sweet and lovely and a very special and always caring person.
She helped me a lot this summer and I hope to see her back next year in Ibiza. Without Ayda I would not try to do Yoga.
What I like most that she is not just doing her program strictly – but she always feels what her students need and goes with this.
Thank you my yoga queen Ayda! You have this very special way of getting the best out of your yogis! You shine your light through the darkest of corners. You made me look into my dark corner and helped me light it up again. Best way to describe you: a yoga teacher with purpose.. Love what you do!”
ellie golding testimonial
“I really loved this class with Ayda it was very empowering on all levels and to practice one on one was a pure bliss and the best prepairation for my gig.”
Susannah taylor - Testimonial - Yogayda - Private Yoga Sessions - VIP Yoga
To say Ayda radiates beauty is an understatement – not only beautiful to look at with her waist-length long brown hair, she is immensely witty and friendly (she told us to visualise George Clooney to lift our spirits). Ayda left a stressful job in the city to learn to teach yoga in India, and we all fell in love with her during a very special session that she held on an empty beach by the sea at sunset.
It was a special hour and will stay with me for a long time.