Perhaps you need to find the strength and resilience to manage life’s hurdles and tribulations. Or you wish to improve your relationships and connection with others. Maybe you desire the freedom to live your life wholeheartedly and with more purpose. Whatever your dilemma, you may need a helping hand to attain your heart’s desire.

Let Yogayda be your guiding force. Using a holistic approach to wellbeing and mental health, Ayda is much more than a classic psychologist. After a session you will feel as though you’ve been talking to a close friend; one who provides sage advice and useful techniques. Ayda’s wellbeing therapy enables you to deal with life’s hardships in a mindful and resourceful way. Ayda herself is warm, inspiring and has the ability to connect with everyone on any level. She believes in involving family members and partners in therapy sessions in order to treat your whole environment.

Clients flock to Ayda from across the globe for family counselling, family constellation, shock therapy, trauma therapy, specific depression therapy, therapy for burn out, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic pain, psychosomatic illness and more. Try her ground-breaking therapy programme and allow Ayda to guide out your self-confidence and inner voice, empowering you to face any challenge head on and overcome it.