Inspired by Tantra Yoga and Anusara Yoga, Yogayda is an all-encompasing emotional wellness concept developed by Ayda Koc – a therapeutic yoga flow for mind, body and soul. Of course, yoga by nature is therapeutic, but Yogayda goes above and beyond the core values of a basic yoga practice, guiding students into the untapped energy and potential that is available.

By applying yoga techniques to alleviate specific physical or spiritual problems, coupled with a combination of knowledge, experience and intuition, Ayda uses Tantra to heal the anxiety, depression, immune system disorders, burnout, inner unrest and environmental degradations that are the hallmark of this day and age. 

A Yogayda class is, quite simply, a game changer. Following a medium-paced flow, Ayda teaches from the heart, focusing on mental and physical alignment, plus self-healing. Each class is different, changing with the current phase of the moon – ranging from physically to emotionally intense depending on the cycle, with a specific focus explained clearly at the beginning of each class.

Passionate about helping people step into their fullest potential, Ayda’s love for the magic of life is evident in every asana and pranayama as she uses physical and physiological tools for wellness, life and vitality. Ayda’s extensive experience and inspirational teaching style has seen her cross all spectrums of the yoga world, teaching to all levels from restorative to acrobatic and from hospitals to bootcamps. Yogayda is for everyone!